1. This survey is aimed at those who've purchased, used or would consider using digital graphics for personal or commercial projects. Therefore please only take the survey if this applies to you.

2. In this survey when talking about digital graphics i'm referring to clip art, digital papers, collage sheets such as circle graphics, printables etc. I am not referring to bespoke imagery such as logo design.

3. The info obtained will help me better understand what kind of images to produce for in future. As a thank you for taking part you'll receive free 'Tea and Cake' clip art and 'Junk Food' 1 inch circles (personal use) once you've completed the survey. The files will be emailed so ensure you put your correct email address on form.
You'll only receive the free graphics if the survey is fully completed.

* 1. Please enter your details below

* 2. Have you ever used any type of digital graphics for a project?

- If answer is 'yes' please tick what type(s) below & DON'T tick the Would Consider box.
- If answer is 'no' but you'd consider using them tick which type(s) you'd most likely use & DO tick the Would Consider box.

What types of things do you use clip art for, i.e. card making, web graphics, etc?
Please list everything you use clip art for, starting with the thing you've used it for most and ending with the thing you use it for least.

* 4. Do you have any specific themes in mind for digital graphics (particularly clip art) that you'd like to see available and haven't yet come across? i.e. you would like graphics with a space theme.
If 'YES' Please list as many as you want.

* 5. Have you ever tried to find digital graphics of a certain theme and been unable to find them?

* 6. When *purchasing digital graphics which of the below options would you consider to be most important? Please list in order of preference using the letter of each option. Example: b, d, a, c

a) The style of the artwork
b) The theme of the graphics to suit your specific needs
c) The detail in the artwork (i.e. shading, texture)
d) If its from a shop where you've already purchased graphics before

*If you've not purchased graphics just indicate how you think you'd prioritise & comment that you've not bought graphics.

* 7. When you want digital graphics, what online source(s) would you normally turn to? If there is more than one please list in order of preference.

* 8. If you're looking to purchase graphics with a particular theme would you be more likely to:

a. First visit a graphics supplier you've used previously to see what they had available?
b. Use a keyword search (i.e. on a search engine or an online shop such as Etsy) to find the kind of graphics you require?

Select a or b

When purchasing seasonal graphics, such as for Christmas or Easter would you tend to go for:
a) Clip art sheets with very specific images i.e. a sheet containing different styles of just Christmas trees?
b) Clip art sheets with a variety of images i.e. a sheet with a Christmas tree, a reindeer, a Christmas pudding and santa?

* 10. Please visit Graphics Takeaway ( and look at the clip art, then answer both of the following questions:
a) Which clip art set is your favourite and briefly why?
b) Which clip art set is your least favourite and briefly why?