I’m asking for your help, so that I can better understand what you (and people like you) really want from someone like me. Could you please take a couple of minutes to answer these four questions?
Thank you!
Kay Ross
Marketing Consultant / Editor / Copywriter, Hong Kong

* 1. What’s the number-one thing about doing your marketing that drives you nuts, and that you’d like to change so you get the results you want?

* 2. What words or phrases do you use when you talk about your marketing and what you want or need? (Maybe you don’t say “I need a copywriter.”)

* 3. If there was ONE marketing-related topic that you’d like to learn about from me, what would it be?

* 4. How you perceive me? For example, do you see me primarily as a writer/editor who includes a bit of marketing consulting in my service, or as a marketing consultant who includes a bit of writing/editing in my service?