* 1. CCLF's mission is to "maintain and enhance the quality of education and environment of Coyote Creek School." Do you feel that the fund has been successful in achieving this goal?

* 2. CCLF has strived to create transparency in its goals, activities and its success and shortfalls. Do you feel that the Board has relayed clear messages on these items?

* 3. CCLF's goal is to enhance the education of students at Coyote Creek by providing various channels of support within the classroom as well as providing additional funding for library, art, science, music, and technology.  Below is a list of current programs supported by CCLF, please rank them in the order of importance. 1 being the most important and 7 being the least important.

* 4. Para Educators and Intervention Para Educators utilize more than 60% of the Board's budget. Do you feel that this should continue to be an area of priority and that the budget is appropriately allocated in this area?

* 5. Technology - Includes the purchase of equipment, supplies, and support. CCLF provides all technology equipment utilized in the classrooms by students. This includes all Ipads, Chromebooks, Mac Books,  Printers, Smartboards, and other audio visual equipment within the classroom. Do you feel that the Fund has adequately provided support in this area.

* 6. Art and Music - CCLF currently provides support in these areas through art and music classes as well as materials. Do you feel that these areas should continue to be a focus for the Fund.

* 7. Registration - Registration is the number one fundraiser for CCLF. The requested donations ($395 per student) help to cover the cost of programs supported by the Fund. Do you feel that the amounts requested from each family are reasonable given the current budget?

* 8. Fun Run - This year CCLF chose to team up with an organization called Apex to promote and execute the fun run. This resulted in almost a 75% increase in net revenue from previous years. What is your overall feedback on this partnership and would you like the Fund to continue with Apex or another provider in the future?

* 9. Annual Auction - The auction is the second largest fundraiser for CCLF. Many volunteer hours are put in to plan and execute this event which helps to raise crucial funding to meet our budget goals. Please rank in order of importance what areas are a contributing factor to whether or not you would attend the Auction. 1 being the most important and 6 being the least important factor.

* 10. The Board has striven to keep an open form of communication between itself and our community. We would like to request that families please give their opinions and feedback on areas not covered in this survey or if you would like to further discuss any topics. Though we spend countless hours trying to plan and execute programs that we feel are important to Coyote Creek, we do want to be sure that we are addressing the direct concerns of our community and its unique needs. We welcome your feedback as it will continue to assist us in our planning for the future of our students. 

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