Thank you for wanting to be a part of NAKED HEART!  Naked Heart will run:
Friday, November 10
Saturday, November 11
Sunday, November 12

All presenters, readers and panelists will be paid for their contributions and will also receive a complimentary all-access Festival Pass.

Fill out the form below or email us at if you have any questions or if forms like this don't work for you.

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* 2. There are multiple ways you can participate in NAKED HEART. HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO CONTRIBUTE? Here are some ways below, but feel free to add your own! Click as many as you like.

* 3. IF YOU ARE A WRITER - when doing a reading, what kind of original piece would you like to read?

  First Choice I also like reading this! I write this but don't want to read it Not this one!
Autobiography/Personal Reflection
Opinion Piece
Music / Lyrics

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IF YOU ARE A PERFORMER OR ARTIST - There may be ways for other artists to be involved.

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Naked Heart is committed to a program that reflects and amplifies diversity of identity. These questions are optional but to program a diverse festival, they can be important to supplement the additional research we do on applicants.

What is your gender identity or identities? (Optional)

How would you name or describe your sexual identity? (Optional)

What are your cultural, religious or racialized identities? (Optional)

Is there anything else about your identity that we should know when we are building our program? We are committed to reflecting and honouring the diversity of our communities and we realize there are many layers and facets of identity that are too often invisible, ignored, excluded or overlooked.

* 7. Where can we find out more about you? Please include links to relevant websites.

* 8. We have some funding to help make the festival more accessible. We strive to make this Festival accessible. There will be two full days of ASL interpretation in one of our venues; all of our venues are wheelchair accessible and most have wheelchair accessible bathrooms. All of our venues have gender neutral bathrooms. We also ask that attendees refrain from wearing scented products. Do you have any other accessibility needs that we could assist with?

* 9.

Where are you based? Naked Heart will be happening in Toronto.

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* 10. Would you need accommodation while you are here? What kind of accommodations would be ideal or acceptable?

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* 12. What kind of session would you like to ATTEND as a participant? What topics/formats/issues would you like to see?
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