Background: Extensive remodeling of the Lory Student Center has been completed, but an identified engineering need still exists. Located on the northeast corner of the Student Center is the elevated walkway to the Engineering Building, which concern has been raised over the structural stability and aesthetic appropriateness of the walkway. The walkway serves as a quick route between the LSC and the engineering building second floors for students and faculty. In addition, this walkway serves as an emergency exit for people with disabilities on the second floor that need to safely and quickly exit the building.

With that and your personal opinions in mind please take a spare moment and fill out the survey questions below to help your fellow Rams determine the right course of action in redesigning the LSC - Engineering Building Connection.

Bridge Connection / Walkway (left) & Roof Cover (right)

Bridge Connection / Walkway (left) & Roof Cover (right)

* 1. Are you a...

* 2. What is your major?

* 3. How often do you use the LSC-Engineering Building Connection in a given week?

* 4. Do you think the walkway serves a valid purpose?

* 5. Would you prefer a complete redesign of the walkway or complete removal of the walkway?

* 6. If the construction and redesign of the walkway meant an increase in student fees would you still want a new walkway?

* 7. If a new walkway was constructed would you use the walkway more?

* 8. In regards to the roof coverage, would you rather have the roof cover removed to give a more open feel, construct a new cover for more protection from the elements, or just repair current roof cover?

* 9. What changes would you make to the current walkway and roof?

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