* 1. What is your age?

* 2. What is your gender?

* 3. Which race/ethnicity best describes you? (Please choose only one.)

* 4. Are you a registered voter?

* 5. In the 2016 election, did you vote for:

* 6. In the 2012 Presidential election, who did you vote for?

* 8. What were you last two employment areas (including current employment)

* 9. Will you be available to participate in a focus group in downtown Cleveland for around three hours (9:30am-12:30pm) on Friday March 3, 2017?

* 10. What is your full name and email address? (This information is confidential. We will only use it to contact you if you are eligible.  We will not sell this information to anyone else. IF YOU DO NOT PROVIDE THIS INFORMATION, WE HAVE NO WAY TO CONTACT YOU IF YOU QUALIFY.)