Tuesday, June 24th

Please rate the presentations from the Food/General Session -OR- the Drug/Device Seminar.

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* 1. Food and General Sessions (in order of appearance):

  Very Good Good Fair Poor Did Not Attend
FDA – PROGRESS, TRENDS AND COMPLIANCE: Ellen Morrison and Roberta Wagner
CFIA – Progress, Trends and Compliance: Stephen Baker
USDA – Progress, Trends and Compliance: Jerry L. Elliott
Funding Opportunities for State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial Retail Food Regulatory Programs: Cathy Hosman and Pete Salsbury
“Establishing Retail Food Safety Policy"- The Federal, State & Local perspective, including the outcomes from the 2014 Conference for Food Protection (CFP): Kevin Smith
“Are things getting better?” Overview of FDA’s Retail Risk Factor Study and the Promotion of Active Managerial Control: Lane Drager and Mario Seminara
“Improving Behaviors on the Front Line” - FDA’s Partnership with Google to Test the Effectiveness of Oral Culture Learner Project Materials: Chuck Catlin and Alan Tart
Methods Development - Case studies on method development, validation and use for regulatory action with and without established FDA tolerance limits: Robert Sheridan
Quality Laboratory Results: Kristen Durie
Update on Sampling agreements between State Laboratories and State Food Safety Programs: Michelle Motsinger
Data and Decisions/Actions based on Common Deficiencies from State Agencies: Natalie Adan
Wet & Dry Principles & Practices: Warren Stone
Industry Examples of Common Challenges & Deficiencies: Karl Thorson
FDA International Programs – Objectives, areas of focus, key organizations and outcomes: Cathleen Barnes
Customs and Border Protection – Objective and interfaces with other agencies to prevent the illegal entry of agricultural and food products while facilitating trade: Brenda Smith
Global Regulatory Competencies, Curricula, and Capacity Building: Jerry Wojtala

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* 2. Drug and Device Seminar (in order of appearance):

  Very Good Good Fair Poor Did Not Attend
Comparing the U.S. and European System for Regulating Medical Devices: Paul Brooks
Case for Quality Initiative Update: Ricky Rodriguez and Steve Silverman
Interactive Session: Response to Challenging Regulatory Inspection Situations (Working Lunch Presentation): Nancy Singer
Medical Device Single Audit Program Pilot: Paul Brooks and Kimberly Trautman
Metric, Data & Analysis, & Biometrics: Ricki Chase
Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-Operation Scheme: Susan Laska
Biosimilars Regulations: Thomas Berry

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