If you want to join the Local Goodness Marketplace family of Supplier Partners, the process is easy:

First, tell us your story and provide some basic information about the products you wish to sell by completing the following questions. We'll be back in touch with you shortly regarding the next steps!

If you have any questions at all, please contact us at 412-551-4408.

* Business Name (as would appear on the Marketplace site)

* Business Address

* Business website

* Years in Operation

* Contact Information

* Secondary Contact

* Tell us your story! (e.g., How did you end up in this business? Why? Why is it special to you? To Others?, etc.)

* What specific product(s) do you want to sell through the Local Goodness Marketplace? (e.g., hand harvested organic herbal teas in mint, chamomile and morning blend; hand carved wooden candelabra from felled trees; one-of-a kind customized SOMETHING etc.)

* How/where are your products produced?

* Are your products seasonal or in limited quantity? If so, when and on what basis?

* What do you think makes your product(s) special?

* What are the top 1-2 things that people say about your product(s) that makes it so well-liked?

* Where/how do you currently sell your product(s)?

* What is the approximate retail price of the product(s) you wish to sell through the Local Goodness Marketplace?

* Is there anything else about your "story" that is not included in the above that we should know?

* Most wholesalers and retailers, including Local Goodness, require suppliers to hold liability insurance of $1M to sell their products. Do you hold liability insurance for your product(s)?

Thank you!!

After we receive this initial information, we will get back to you shortly regarding the product(s) we want to evaluate for inclusion.

We will then ask you to complete a Product Application send us digital images (non-food items) and/or a sample (food items) for testing and photography.

Once products are selected, you are almost done! We will send you our Supplier Partner Agreement and walk you through the rest of the process to ensure you are properly set up on the Local Goodness Marketplace.