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Welcome to Executive Huddle's meeting effectiveness evaluation. By answering a short series of questions you'll help us where your meetings are strong and where they could use some help.

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* 1. Planning is about making sure meetings have purpose. Rate the planning of your organization's typical meetings.

  This describes us well. We prepare like this sometimes. Not so much. We never plan this way.
Meeting purpose and goals are clearly defined and prominantly displayed.
A detailed agenda with topics and times is available before and during meetings. Includes review of actions & issues from last meeting.
The right people are present at the right time with the right info, right authority and/or skills.
Problems are anticipated and strategies to manage them are prepared. Smooth sailing.

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* 2. Preparation is about pre-meeting mechanics. Rate how prepared your organization is for meetings.

  We're always this prepared. Sometimes we're organized like this. It happens, but not often. Never.
Participants know what is expected of them in advanced and are ready to contribute.
Meeting technology (computers, projectors, screens, phones) are working and prompted and ready to go. Remote attendees included.
Rooms are selected to fit the meeting. Furniture, supplies, space, oulets, etc. encourage creative & productive assembly.
Flip charts, markers, supplies or technology for group memory are ample for any length meeting.

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* 3. Meeting management is about how smoothly meetings run. Describe your organization's meetings.

  We always meet like this. Some meetings run smoothly. Occasionally things go this well. Never happens this well.
Meetings start and end on time. Segments run remarkably close to budgeted time.
People stay focused on the issue at hand. One discussion at a time is resolved before moving on.
Interruptions to meetings are prevented or dealt with swiftly and subtly so no momentum is lost.
Win/win decisions are made using tools that offer comparative analysis, objectivity and lead to consensus.

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* 4. Intangibles can make or break meeting effectiveness. Rate the intangibles of your organization's meetings.

  Very much true for our meetings. Sometimes this is true. Not very often. Never happens for us.
Members participate freely and have the opportunity to truly buy-in.
Meetings are practical, dynamic and interactive. Participants are involved, excited, empowered and informed.
There is a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of progress. People look forward to meetings that assist their work.
The tone of meetings is positive regardless of topic. Discussions are professional, respectful, all opinions valued.

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* 5. Meetings are only useful if work gets done. Rate how well your meetings deliver results.

  We always get these results. This often describes our meetings. We do this occasionally. Not even close.
The meeting purpose and goals are achieved. The sponsor will surely be pleased with the outcome.
A list of actions and owners and target dates is defined. Everyone knows what their personal and group next steps are.
There is a plan to deal with issues that didn't get resolved or were out of the scope of the meeting. They won't get dropped.
A communication plan for resulting decisions, actions and discussion highlights is in place. People who need this info get it when they need it.

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* 6. If you would like to see how your responses compare to others or get help running effective meetings, please fill in the contact information below.  Thank you.