A thriving region led by motivated, informed and connected community stewards committed to addressing our most pressing challenges and capitalizing on opportunities to build a stronger Greater Madison.


To inform, connect and engage individuals with a desire to lead so they are motivated and ready to address the community’s most pressing challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and build an inclusive, thriving Greater Madison .

The LGM experience builds leaders that are:

INFORMED: Participants will explore and more deeply understand the community, its structures and functions, and the many facets of Greater Madison’s most important issues and opportunities.

CONNECTED: Participants will build personal and professional relationships with access to business, community and elected leaders throughout their time in the program and after graduation.

ENGAGED: Participants will obtain the skills and the tools to interact with the region’s challenges and opportunities in a curious, intentional and forward-thinking way.

MOTIVATED: Participants will be encouraged to observe, learn and practice critical leadership skills throughout the program, instilling an urgency to activate their skills to better the community.

READY: Participants will leave the program with a heightened self-awareness and confidence in their capacity to lead and their role in building a thriving Greater Madison.


Curiosity: interest in and openness to learning and exploring multiple facets and perspectives of important community issues

Commitment: dedication to getting involved, stepping up to lead and not being content with the status quo

Collaboration: recognition of the value of coordinated action, engaging others and seeking connection in the pursuit of solutions to challenges

Character: adherence to the highest standards for oneself and others and acting in a manner becoming of a leader


People - enthusiastic, engaged and empowered - make Greater Madison a great place to live and work. For three decades, great community leaders have benefited from the education and training provided by Leadership Greater Madison (LGM).

LGM provides civic education, community issue literacy and leadership training to individuals from business, non-profit, government and educational organizations who live or work in the region. Monthly day-long sessions held at various locations help participants gain insight and understanding of significant local organizations and community issues. The program utilizes experiential learning activities to build the skills of the participants; meaningful connections with local officials, subject matter experts and fellow class members; and networking to strengthen leadership capacity.

LGM is inclusive and actively seeks out participants from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Over the past 30 years, LGM has helped prepare nearly 800 graduates to become more effective community leaders and valued professionals.

Diversity is our strength and a class that is comprised of individuals from groups that have historically been underrepresented within leadership positions leads to better outcomes, so we strive for a diverse class by all measurements. We actively recruit from and frequently provide scholarships to individuals from groups that have historically been underrepresented within leadership positions.
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