2023 MTCSF Trauma Symposium Awards

Mississippi is full of incredibly dedicated and compassionate trauma professionals. Please complete the survey below and provide nominations for the 2023 MTCSF State-wide Trauma Symposium Awards. Taking the time to complete the survey will allow us to highlight the incredible care across Mississippi. Thank you for taking time to help us recognize individuals that work hard, provide excellent care, and advocate for trauma patients. 
Award recipients will be notified prior to the Symposium to promote attendance and congratulations.

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* 1. $100 Gift Card Drawing Entry
Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey monkey and provide nominations for the 2023 Trauma symposium awards. 
If you would like to be entered in a drawing to win a $100 gift card. The winner of the gift card will be announced at the 2023 MTCSF Trauma Symposium awards banquet.
Please provide your name, email and phone number below.

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* 2. Legacy Award for Lifetime Achievement in Trauma

Please help us to Recognize an individual (current or retired) who has proven dedication to the development and ongoing support of the Mississippi Trauma System of Care. In recognition of a distinguished career and visionary leadership dedicated to the prevention of injuries, advancement in trauma care, and lifelong commitment to the Care of trauma patients.

Please provide your nomination below with a brief description of why you would like to nominate the individual.

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* 3. The Rising Star Award

Rising stars are always eager to learn in the ever changing and challenging healthcare world. Rising stars voluntarily take on challenges, acquire valuable certificates, have an intrinsic sense of curiosity, and embrace change. Rising Stars shine, succeed and support others.

Please help us to recognize a trauma professional who exhibits the resilience, skill, and passion of a Rising Star for the Mississippi trauma program's future.  This recognition can be highlighted to anyone in the system of care that has gone above and beyond for trauma patients and the trauma system.

Please provide your nomination below with a brief description of why you feel this individual is a rising star.

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* 4. The Red Tulip Award for Exceptional Trauma Service:  Trauma Program Manager/Registrar

          The broken red tulip, adopted by the American Trauma Society (ATS), symbolizes the pain, suffering, and lifestyle change caused by traumatic injury. Please help us to nominate a trauma professional in the field of nursing who has made a significant and sustained contribution to the Mississippi Trauma System of Care on a local, district, and State level. This award recognizes a nursing professional who demonstrates the goal of keeping the tulip strong, straight, and unaffected by trauma.

          Please provide your nomination below with a brief explanation of why the individual you are nominating should receive the Red Tulip.

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* 5. Circle of Excellence

The Circle of Excellence Award aligns with the mission of the Mississippi Trauma Care System to build and support a statewide system that provides superior care starting when the injury is detected and continuing through definitive treatment while striving to decrease injury and death from trauma. The award highlights survivor stories and the best of the Mississippi Trauma System of Care.

Please help us recognize a survivor story and the trauma team that promotes excellent patient care through effective communication, true collaboration, decision making, critical thinking, ability to address challenges related to patient care, and advocacy for the trauma patient. The survivor story highlights a team that exhibits dedication to the statewide trauma system model and shows passion in the steps they take to treat trauma patients. A team may include staff from some or all of the following points of contact: First Responders, ground ambulance, air ambulance, trauma centers (ER, surgical, etc.), transfer team, higher level of care center, and possibly rehabilitation. This award recognizes the value of the Mississippi Trauma System of Care.

Please recognize a survivor story below with a brief explanation of how the trauma team demonstrated the circle of excellence criteria.

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* 6. Rookie of the Year

As healthcare continues to evolve and progress, new members are welcomed into the trauma care system. The rookie brings innovative light, excitement, and questions to the controlled chaos of trauma patient care. Please help us recognize a healthcare professional that is in their first year of employment in trauma care and has a passion for their new career. The rookie has proven dedication to growing and developing as they navigate through the trauma system in the first year. They have exceptional drive and motivation.  They have the respect of their peers, show an exceptionally high level of critical thinking skills, and consistently work to reduce risk. They are committed to mastering skills and expanding their knowledge as they advocate for trauma patients.