Supporting patients living with severe mental illness

It is estimated that this survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete and will close on Friday 9 June. 

Murray PHN, in collaboration with the University of Melbourne is embarking on an experience based co-design project with clients, carers, GPs and service providers to support the design of future primary mental health services for people living with severe mental illness.

We want to hear from GPs about how they support patients living with severe mental illness and the shared care arrangements.

Survey responses will be shared with the University of Melbourne to inform the co-design project.

What is severe mental illness?
The National Mental Health Commission describes severe mental illness as complex and chronic conditions such as severe depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and eating disorders, as well as severe and persistent psychosocial disability, including those with complex multi-agency needs. Severe mental illness accounts for approximately 3.1 per cent of the population.

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* 1. What is the postcode of your primary practice?

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* 2. How do you screen clients for mental health issues?

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* 3. What shared care arrangements do you use for clients living with a severe mental illness? Typically who is in the client's care team?

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* 4. What mental health services do you use for your patients? (tick all relevant)

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* 5. What’s your experience with the Mental Health Nurse Incentive Program (MHNIP)?