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  • Gain a voice in our advocacy efforts - helping to influence policies that impact our Sector
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    • Virtual Clean Tech Matchmaking Events - connect with investors, funders and strategic partners
    • Being featured on our Clean Tech Podcast and/or Member Spotlight,
    • Being a featured speaker at our monthly Virtual Clean Tech Drinks events
    • Connections and insights gained through ACTia's Weekly Office Hours

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Note that due to the pandemic, we will not be asking for membership fees from clean tech ventures until the end of March 2021

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Question Title

* 1. This form is specifically for entrepreneurs in the clean tech sector developing and commercializing technology-based solutions that reduce environmental footprint (Clean Tech Ventures).  Please note that to apply for membership, your company must:
  • have a logo, and
  • have a website that describes your clean technology / innovation
Service Providers and Corporate Partners can not apply for membership using this form.  Membership is subject to approval by ACTia.

Please confirm that you are an eligible Clean Tech Venture before proceeding.