Greetings and welcome to the online registration for the 2019 APCAC Doorknock in Washington, DC.

Planning for the upcoming Doorknock has begun and we are looking forward to educating members of the Administration and Congress about our priority issues. The meeting schedule changes often in the weeks prior to the Doorknock so please be patient as we firm-up all the details. For your planning, here is an outline of the doorknock:

Sunday, July 14          Doorknock Briefing Session & APCAC Board Meeting
Monday, July 15         Meetings with Executive Branch Leaders & Evening Reception
Tuesday, July 16        Meetings with Congress & Opinion Leaders
Wednesday, July 17   Meetings with Congress & Optional WITA Trade Prom
Thursday, July 18       AmCham Bilateral Programs & Optional NCAPEC Luncheon

There is a $1,000 registration fee to participate in the doorknock. This fee does not cover your airfare, hotel, or other incidental expenses. It does cover meeting costs, briefing book and other materials, and some meals/receptions. Please note that APCAC delegates are responsible for arranging their own accommodations. We do not have a preferred hotel or a block of rooms reserved.

Please click on the button below to register for the doorknock. Thank you.