Homer Electric Association (HEA) is interested in gauging the interest of its members in participating in a commonly owned renewable energy project.

The concept is still very preliminary, but the basic idea is that a group of interested HEA members would share in the cost of the construction and operation of a renewable energy project. The project would generate power and sell it back to Homer Electric. The project would most likely either be a wind turbine or solar panel arrays, depending on the wishes of the participants. The revenue from the sale of the renewable energy would be shared among the owners, based on the amount of their investment.

The financial figures are just estimates but for the sake of discussion shares in a renewable energy project could be sold in increments of 500-watts for $5000.00.

The return on the investment would be based on the number of shares held by the investor, the amount of energy produced by the project and the purchase price for the power. As with net metering, the energy produced would first be used to offset the energy used in your primary residence. Also, as a net metering participant you would not be subject to the minimum customer delivery charge.

If you are interested, please complete the brief survey and provide your contact information in the space below. Your participation and feedback are appreciated and valued. Thank you!

* 1. Would you be interested in buying one or multiple 500-watt shares of a mid-sized renewable energy project, located on the Kenai Peninsula and connected to the HEA grid, under an arrangement similar to HEA’s individual net-metering members?

For a single, initial payment of $5,000/share?

* 2. For 120 monthly payments of $45/month/share?

* 3. Name:

* 4. Address:

* 5. Email:

* 6. Phone Number:

* 7. Are you an HEA member?