Tell Us Your Story

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* 1. We want to hear your story in your own words. Tell us about how being LGBT has impacted you in the workplace. Here are a few things to think about as you tell your story:

• Were you nervous about coming out at work, but then your coworkers were supportive?
• Are you closeted and living in fear of being fired? How does this affect other areas of your life?
• Have you tried, unsuccessfully, to get your employer to recognize your family or offer benefits to your same-sex spouse or partner?
• Have you lost a job or been treated unfairly because you are LGBT?
• Do you pay more in taxes because of the health benefits your spouse or children receive?
• What impact has being treated unfairly at work had on you and your family?
• Have you had a great workplace experience where you have been included and respected?

Don't limit yourself to these questions. Tell us about your experiences!