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* 1. School/Organization name

* 2. Your name

* 3. Your preferred email address and phone number [please include both].

* 4. School/Organization address [please include cross street] & specific room number/s if applicable

* 5. Any additional directional information (special instructions, transit/parking details, etc.)

* 6. Start and end time/s for the presentation/s?

Schools: List the bell schedule class times for each presentation.
For example, a request for presentations for three class periods looks like this:

- Period 2: 9:06 am - 10:06 am
- Period 3: 10:12 am - 11:12 am
- Period 4: 12:03 pm - 1:03 pm

Please also include the class/es subject/s.

* 7. What type of Group or Organization is this?

* 8. Number of students/participants [if multiple groups/classes please list separately]

* 9. For Schools: students’ GRADE LEVEL/S [if multiple groups/classes please list separately]

* 10. For Schools: It is a requirement of SFUSD that a teacher is present in the classroom at all times during the presentation. (No substitute teachers please.)

Please list the name of teacher/s each class.

* 11. We understand and value the importance of community representation in the work we do; thus whenever possible, we match Speakers with similar backgrounds to participants/students.
Please share any information regarding participant/student demographics that will aid us in matching Speakers to your group.

* 12. Please share any other important information about your group:
any issues that may be going on in your school/organization and/or in the work you are doing; any language barriers our Speakers (who are primarily English-speaking) should know about?

* 13. Are there any specific issues you hope to have addressed by our speakers?

* 14. Please provide two to three preferred dates/times when you would like to have Speakers.