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Thank you for signing up to volunteer to support the LGBTQ relief effort.
We know that many of our people have lost jobs. Some of you are supporting a loved one who can’t leave their home. Many of our community members are not able to leave their home.

There are many reasons why our community cannot physically get or afford their essential needs to live.

That is why we need you. 

Our community has always come together to support each other through tough times. We did it through the HIV/AIDS movement, we have done it through anti-LGBTQ campaigns, and we have always supported each other everyday. We push through and make history when we are together.

That is why the Bay Area’s LGBTQ organizations are working together to mobilize resources for our communities. We need your help in making this work.

We need your help to:
  • Pick up and deliver medications.
  • Donate or deliver essential household items and groceries.
  • Deliver cash relief and housing.
  • Provide wellness and peer support through video conferences, calls, or virtual groups.
  • Set up and teach video conferencing technology for our community members.
Join us!

Let’s make sure that our elders, LGBTQ people with disabilities, low-income communities, and those at the highest risk have the support they need. 

We are also partnering with Horizons Foundation on a SF Bay Area LGBTQ relief fund. Any amount helps, please donate today. Thank you!  

Need Support:

If you are in need of support or supplies, please complete this signup form!

If you need resources now, don’t wait to reach out to our community partners. We have compiled this community resource list, giving up-to-date services that LGBTQ organizations, and general city organizations are providing. 

Don’t wait to take action. Reach out to 2-3 people you know that need support with medication pickup, groceries, or supplies.

Share this sign up with you networks, and thank you for stepping up for our community.

Office of Transgender Initiatives, LGBTQ SF Bay Area Community Organizations, and our LGBTQ Relief Effort partners and volunteers  

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