Thank you for your interest in the second LGBTQ Scholars of Color conference to be held from April 14-15, 2017 at  the Graduate Center in New York City.

Building off our first national conference in 2015, the LGBTQSOC Network will gather a national group of LGBTQ people of color involved in research, evaluation, and scholarship. Our purpose is to build a vibrant network of LGBTQ Scholars of Color and to foster a pipeline for emerging LGBTQ Scholars of Color.

Participants will have opportunities to be mentored by senior scholars, to meet other LGBTQ scholars of color from all over the country, and to gain skill sets in various areas (e.g., advanced methodological approaches, grant writing, navigating the tenure process, etc.).

Participation at the LGBTQ Scholars of Color Conference is limited. We will review and select participants based on your submission. So, please be sure to complete the registration carefully. If you are selected to participate in the conference, you will receive a confirmation of your registration with additional information and logistics details.

The applications will be reviewed on a bi-weekly basis. The first deadline for the first round of submission is January 9, 2017 at 11:59pm EST. First round of accepted applicants will be announced shortly after.

Accepted applicants will have an opportunity to submit an abstract for presentation (poster or oral) at the conference. Accepted applicants will also be eligible to participate in the Speed Mentoring Event where you will have the opportunity to speak to a senior scholar, evaluator, or funder. The Speed Mentoring will take place on Saturday, April 15.
The information provided in this registration will be used in our conference planning and to generate a summary report of our efforts to our funders. It will be reported in the aggregate. No individual identifiers will be used in our reporting.