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Information Sheet for Participants

Thank you for your interest in the LGBTQIA+ Buddhist Research Project. For the purpose of this project, the LGBTQIA+ acronym refers to lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer/questioning, intersex, asexual, and many sexually and sex/gender diverse people.

This project is being run by Dr Stephen Kerry, a researcher at Charles Darwin University, and is in partnership with Rainbodhi, a community group for LGBTQIA+ Buddhists and friends.

The purpose of the project. This project began in 2020 with an online survey and is now conducting interviews with Australian LGBTQIA+ Buddhists. It will continue to document the lived experiences of Australian LGBTQIA+ Buddhists. The project is interested in the following:
  • What are the interrelationships between being a LGBTQIA+ person and a Buddhist?
  • Why are LGBTQIA+ Australians attracted to Buddhism?
  • Do LGBTQIA+ Australians experience discrimination within Buddhism?
Who can participate? This project is open to LGBTQIA+ people who:
  • Identify as Buddhists,
  • Do not identify as Buddhists but engage with Buddhist practices,
  • Are Australians citizens or permanent residents and 18 years of age and over.
Benefits of the study. This project’s benefits include:
  • An increase in our understanding of the lived experiences of LGBTQIA+ Buddhists,
  • Assist Buddhist groups, centres, and temples in accepting their LGBTQIA+ members,
  • Improve the health outcomes of LGBTQIA+ Buddhists, especially in terms of feelings of acceptance and belonging within Buddhist communities.
What would be expected of you? If you do decide to be part of this project you will be asked to participate in an in-depth interview on-the-phone that may take between 1-2 hours anytime suitable to you.

You will be asked questions about your LGBTQIA+ identity, mental health, and your experiences with Buddhism and/or Buddhist practices. The interview will be audio-recorded.

Risks. There are some risks associated with your participation, especially for those who may be experiencing social and/or psychological hardships. Dr Kerry will provide support throughout your involvement with the project and you may contact them at any time, or you may reach out to any of the following support services:

13 11 14

1800 184 527

Beyond Blue
1300 22 4636

Confidentiality. All information provided will be treated confidentially, stored on password-protected computers, and accessible only by Dr Kerry. After the interview has been transcribed you will be given the opportunity to edit your responses. All identifying information will be removed and your responses will be assigned a pseudonym. Only de-identified data will be analysed and published.
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