* 1. How comfortable are you discussing gender related issues?

* 2. How comfortable are you working with or relating to a person who identifies as an LGBTQ individual?

* 3. How competent do you feel serving LGBTQ clients in a professional setting?

* 4. What are the professional development gaps for providers who serve LGBTQ clients?

* 5. In what ways is Tarrant County excelling in providing for the needs of LGBTQ youth and adults?

* 6. What is the biggest factor contributing to your comfort level in serving the LGBTQ community? (ex. level of knowledge, religious views, political views, work culture, etc.)  Please explain.

* 7. What are the biggest barriers for LGBTQ individuals in the community?

* 8. What are the biggest obstacles to finding and accessing community mental health services for an LGBTQ individual?

* 9. In your experience, what agencies/service providers in Tarrant County are currently effectively meeting the needs of LGBTQ youth and adults?  Please explain.