It is part of the LGBT Diversity programme of work to carry out a review amongst current LGBT groups to see whether they think a national LGBT Network would be desirable, and if so what it should do.

By this we are not assuming that a new organisation needs to be created, nor are we suggesting that some or all of the activities mentioned in the questions below are not already being carried out currently. What want to know are the views and priorities of the Irish LGBT communities to develop or continue work into the future.

To help us with this review we would greatly appreciate if you could fill in the following survey. There are fifteen statements (not including Q 1 and 2 below) - please tick whether you agree or disagree. It should not take more than 5 to 10 minutes.

To ensure balance between the larger and smaller organisations and groups, we would appreciate if each organisation/group only fills in the form once, rather than have multiple people from one group fill in the form several times.

* 1. Are you filling this is as a representative of a group or as an Individual?

* 2. Please let us know the group or organisation you are filling this form in for. If you are responding as an individual just write INDIVIDUAL