Adults Emerging LGBQ+ Sexual-Orientation Identity

Not everyone knows their sexual-orientation BEFORE they are 25 years of age.

Are you QUESTIONING your sexual-orientation?

Are you HIDING your sexual-orientation from others?

Have you recently "COME-OUT" or DISCLOSED as a
Lesbian, Gay-male, Bi-sexual, Pansexual + 
to yourself and others?

Did you "Come-Out" or Disclose after 25 years of age?

These are the unique experiences this research aims to understand.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please consider participating in our survey to share your individual and unique experiences with us. Your feedback is important.

All Genders and Sexual-Orientations are welcome to participate.
  • The Research Project Information Sheet is available by clicking the following link:
by emailing the student researcher at to request a copy.

Ethics approval number S181263 has been provided by the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Consent: Completion of the anonymous survey will be taken as indication of your consent.