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* 1. Have you ever heard of grantor affinity groups and/or regional grantor alliances?

* 2. Do you now, or have you ever, followed the activities of grantor networks within your field with the intention of better understanding them and/or influencing their work?

* 3. If so, which ones?

* 4. Have you or your organization ever made any attempts to get your messages out and promote your issues to grantor affinity groups and/or to regional grantor networks in your field?

* 5. If so, which one(s)?

* 6. In what way(s) has your organization worked with grantor affinity groups and/or with regional grantor networks in the past, if at all?

* 7. How did you gain access to the grantor affinity group(s) and/or regional grantor alliance(s) you worked with, if you did?

* 8. If you have worked with grantor networks in the past, would you consider the/se collaboration(s) successful?

* 9. How would you say your organization has benefited from collaborating with grantor network(s) in the past, if you have worked with one or more of them?

* 10. If you were able to work with specific grantor networks, did you give the networks any feedback about how the event(s) could have been even more successful?

* 11. If so, what advice did you give them?

* 12. If you haven’t done so already, would you consider approaching your current/previous major grantors with a request that your organization's work be highlighted in upcoming events within grantor networks they now belong to?

* 13. If no, why?

* 14. Are you aware of other groups/people who have actively worked to raise their profile in grantor networks as a long-term donor visibility strategy?

* 15. If so, who are they?

* 16. Do you think it would be valuable to speak with other non-profit heads who have already successfully tapped into grantor networks valuable to them?

* 17. Have you ever sought a speaking role at a grantor network event, such as at one of their annual conferences or expert policy briefings?

* 18. Has your communications or development staff ever suggested that you do so?

* 19. If you haven’t already weighed in at grantor networks about how you believe your movement should be resourced, how valuable do you think this type of activity could be for you?

* 20. Do you require your program, communications and/or development staff to keep abreast of grantor network activities, including by regularly reading relevant content from their websites and online newsletters?

* 21. In your development program, do you put an emphasis on grantor education to bring grantors in your field up to speed with the dynamics of how work unfolds on the ground, any new and effective policy directions, and recent innovations in service delivery that may be unknown to them?

* 22. If yes, this is what we do:

* 23. If no, why not?

* 24. Do your corporate, foundation and/or individual major grantors sometimes seek your point of view about problems they are trying to solve and/or strategies they are trying to create?

* 25. If yes, how often?

* 26. In what major ways have you partnered with foundations and corporations in the past, if you have?

* 27. In your Board and Advisory Board recruitment, do you intentionally seek out potential members who have deep ties into grantor networks of value to your organization?

* 28. When you hire for development staff, do you consider their expertise with grantor affinity groups and regional grantor networks as significant factors?

* 29. When you hire for program staff, do you consider their knowledge of grantor affinity groups and regional grantor networks as a factor?

* 30. When you hire communications personnel, do you consider their expertise with grantor networks as a significant factor?

* 31. In your view, what are some of the strengths of the non-profit/foundation relationship in your field?

* 32. In your view, what are some of the challenges of the non-profit/foundation relationship in your field today?

* 33. How many years have you served as a non-profit executive director, CEO and/or president, at this organization and/or others (total number of years combined)?

* 34. How large is your organization?

* 35. How large is your annual budget?

* 36. What types of issues does your organization address in its core mission?

* 37. Is the focus of your programming:

* 38. Have you ever heard of any companies other than echo communications that are helping to promote non-profit organizations into grantor network spaces?

* 39. If so, what is the name of this company?

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