In order to better serve our customers, Dean Clinic Pharmacy is conducting a satisfaction survey. Please assist us by taking a few moments to complete the following survey.

* 1. Which Dean Clinic Pharmacy do you have feedback about? (Choose one of the following)

* 2. When you last picked up a prescription at this location, did the pharmacist open the bottle and show you the medicine inside the bottle?

* 3. In general, are your prescriptions filled in a timely manner, at this location?

* 4. Was the information the pharmacist discussed with you easy to understand?

* 5. Were questions and concerns about your prescriptions answered thoroughly?

* 6. Do you have concerns with confidentiality, at this location?

* 7. Did pharmacy staff greet you with a smile?

* Please rate the Dean Clinic Pharmacy you selected above.

  Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor
8. Promptness of the pharmacy staff when greeting you.
9. Courtesy of the pharmacy staff.
10. Comfort level in calling a Dean Clinic Pharmacist when you have questions.
11. Overall experience at this Dean Clinic Pharmacy.


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