Background and instructions

The ISEV Board of Directors accepts meeting-related requests from academic, government, and other not-for-profit entities for support and assistance, including:
1. Programming assistance. The ISEV Board of Directors may recommend ISEV faculty speakers who specialize in specific topics and who, if available, can deliver a relevant EV-related talk or workshop at your event.
2. Cross-advertising. Several levels of support are available, including advertising on social media and featuring on the ISEV website, with agreed-upon reciprocity. As for email and other communications, because of differing privacy legislation around the world, ISEV cannot share email addresses. However, certain notifications may be approved for inclusion in regular email "blasts" to ISEV constituents.
3. Financial support for meetings of non-profit international or regional societies or other groups with an interest in EV research: e.g., outreach-focused travel of ISEV faculty or attendance for junior investigators. All funding decisions are dependent on available funds and review by the ISEV Board. Selection criteria include impact (size and reach of the proposed event), unmet needs (scientific, geographic and other diversity considerations), transparency (public access to products), and opportunity for new and long-term interactions.

All requests will be reviewed at least twice yearly. Please contact the current chair of Science and Meetings (currently Kenneth Witwer, with any questions.

Upcoming deadlines:
1 April, 2019 (for events in August, 2019 or at any later time)
1 October, 2019 (for events in February, 2020 or at any later time)

Please do not submit an application if you represent a for-profit group or for an event to be held within one month of the ISEV annual meeting (24-28 April, 2019 and 20-24 May, 2020).