Proposal Writing Institute Fall 2017

Ideal for students preparing for submissions to external funding agencies or for submitting proposals for post-doctoral positions, the Institute provides students with extensive feedback and interaction with an interdisciplinary group of faculty, including mock interviews and proposal reviews using the same standards employed by external funding committees. By application only.

Application Guidelines

To apply, you should pick a specific external funding agency to which you will apply, and submit a proposal that meets all of that agency’s requirements and also follows their guidelines with respect to length, format, bibliography, etc. Please do not submit a proposal in font smaller than 12 pt.

Along with your proposal, you must also submit:

The descriptive guidelines and selection criteria for the program for which you have written

A project budget (if not already required in the funder’s guidelines)

A project timeline (if not already required in the funder’s guidelines)

A current CV (if not already required in the funder’s guidelines

How to Apply

When you are ready to submit your application packet, send your completed application in a single PDF file via email to Erica Knight at Your advisor and DGS must be copied on your submission email.

Proposal Writing Institute 
Saturday, September 23 and Sunday, September 24
Whitehall 111

Question Title

* 1. Full Name (Please use the name as listed on your academic record) 

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* 2. Program (Please do not use acronyms) 

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* 3. Emory email

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* 4. Student ID Number

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* 5. Advisor

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* 6. Current year of study?