Hello and thank you for participating in our short survey. In order to encourage more engagement in Campbelltown family community events, the parent council is looking to diversify the types of events we host. This year we are considering hosting a family BBQ at the school in late Spring to both celebrate the upcoming end of the school year and to bring our community closer together. Before we commit to planning this event, we are seeking feedback from you to determine if the event may be well attended. 

Typically, our spring dances (usually hosted around St. Patrick's Day) are poorly attended compared to our Halloween dances. We are hoping that a family BBQ, held later in the school year (near he end of May), may be better attended and welcoming to our family community. Food for the BBQ would be sold at a small cost (just to cover the cost of the food), and other events that evening (soccer-baseball, three-legged races, etc., would be volunteer run). 

Please answer the question below and provide any further feedback you believe pertinent. Responses are anonymous, so if you would like to express interest in volunteering, please email us at ecolecsc@hotmail.com. We appreciate your contributions! 

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* 1. Would you and your family be more likely to attend a Spring Dance (typically held in March) or a Family BBQ event (an outdoor which we aim to host near the end of May)?

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* 2. Please share any comments, questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding parent council events or communications:

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