* 1. What do you consider to be the three most important trends and/or opportunities in the B2B content development/content marketing space right now? and why?

* 2. "Competing in the Content Age: New Strategies for Web & Mobile" will cover a very wide range of content types including website content, lead gen content (ebooks/white papers/articles/case studies), press releases, online ad content, social media content, blogging, relationship building content (emails-newsletters), video, audio and mobile content. It will also include a discussion on keyword research and why SEO/SMO are important pieces. It will showcase best practices, how to information and case studies. If you have any specific thoughts, opinions or insights into any of the above specific content types and potential strategies for B2B, I would love to include it in the book.

* 3. Like so many of you, it is my quest to raise the awareness and consciousness of online/mobile content development and marketing to the great mass of companies out there that still don't "get it" or need to be further educated. Any other comments you might have on the importance of our work, please feel free to share. thanks so much! (PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR NAME/EMAIL ADDRESS TOO..THX!)