Leading from the Middle Academy Background

The 2018 LFM Academy will focus on developing colleges’ capacity to address the complexities of implementing Guided Pathways. An emphasis will be placed on the following key starting points for Guided Pathways:
  • Leadership skills development;
  • Using data and evidence to build a case for Guided Pathways;
  • Applying planning and design approaches to promote coherent strategies that integrate Guided Pathways with other institutional initiatives-- equity; student success; basic skills; professional development;
  • Developing a broad support coalition; and
  • Engaging stakeholders who are skeptical and/or opposed to Guided Pathways
Program Requirements
Each college must identify a team of up to five people to participate in LFM. Teams should have at least one representative from each of the following areas:
  • A faculty member or student services professional (classroom instructors, academic support staff, librarians, counselors)
  • A middle level leader (dean, department chair, program director or coordinator, Academic Senate leader)
  • A researcher (either from the IRP department or someone with a strong research or assessment background)
The Academy is scheduled from February – October 2018. College teams will need to attend three 2 1/2-day face-to-face meetings, complete a series of online activities that build on the materials from the in-perso meetings, and work with an LFM coach that will support each participating team.

The cost for the Academy is $1,000 per person person (reduced from $2,800 due to a generous award from the CCCCO Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI)). Tuition includes lodging and food for the three in-person meetings.

The application deadline is November 15, 2017.

* 1. What are your team’s objectives for participation in the 2018 LFM Academy? (Up to 200 words).

* 2. How do your team’s objectives relate to plans to implement Guided Pathways? (Up to 200 words).

* 3. How do your team’s objectives relate to leadership development?