Dear Club Representative –

The Spring ISF need-based scholarships are for players who are newly registered to a club or who have had family changes that make them eligible scholarship candidates. 

The deadline for submitting applications is March 26. If you have questions, please contact Mary Runnells at or (812) 334-8831. All scholarships will be awarded directly to the players' clubs.

Please remember that starting this past fall, for clubs to be eligible for ISF needs-based scholarship monies, they must demonstrate the inclusion of values/life skills curriculum in their soccer programming. As part of the application form, clubs can share information about their life skills programming. Additionally, clubs may request a modest amount of financial support to implement a values/life skills program, if needed.

Please contact Mary Runnells for the values program form. Furthermore, we have a list of mentors, value-based curriculums, and other information to help clubs explore the value programming that would be most suitable for the organization.

* 1. Season(s) and Year of Request

* 2. Information on Club (once you have entered this for one player, just list the name of the club on the rest of the applications)

* 3. Applicant Fees- Please explain the fees the applicant will owe for the SPRING SEASON. (Enter a numeric amount- $)

* 4. Applicant's information

* 5. Confidential Family Financial Information

* 6. Briefly describe why Financial Aid is being requested at this time.

* 7. Please describe how participating in soccer has assisted the child's personal growth and development.