1. Core values in applied behavior analysis

The survey is conducted by Erik Arntzen (Akershus University College), Jon Lokke and Gunn Lokke (Ostfold University College). If you are engaged or interested in behavior analysis, or have opinions about behavior analysis, we ask you for your help. The survey is based on work by Jon Bailey, Florida State University.
Core values are important and stable characteristics of an organization or culture. Values are of significance to all behavior analysts. Core values are connected to ideal actions or norms used to guide actions and thoughts of individuals in an organization or culture. Core values guide our professional work through norms.
We ask you to rank the ten most important values which in your opinion represent applied behavior analysis. Tick off the most important value at far left, then tick off the next most important value on the second left etc. It would be wise to get an overview of all possibilities before you start. (No two or more phrases can be given the same value).
Thank you!

* 1. Your highest level of education

* 2. How many years have you been involved in applied behavior analysis (read about, participated in, and been interested in)?

* 3. Important values in applied behavior analysis are:

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
pursuit of excellence
do no harm
improve quality of life
effective, evidence-based treatment
human and ethical methods
being faithful
systematic evaluation
treating others with caring and compassion
promoting independence
methodological rigor
environmental influences on behavior
promote valued life styles
best practice
accepting responsibility
according dignity
being just
clients’ benefit first
qualified and competent (qualification and competence)
give measurable changes in behavior

* 4. Any comments