LFC AOY Nomination Criteria and Form

The Alumni Committee of Leadership Franklin County is seeking nominations for the Alumni of the Year award to recognize a former graduated student of Leadership Franklin County who has distinguished themselves in their professional and/or voluntary careers and who has shown continuing service, interest and support in the growth of Franklin County.

Nominee must be a graduate of the Leadership Franklin County Program for at least three years.  Nominations will be referred to the Alumni Committee for selection

Nominations are due by March 1, 2024. 
The winner will be honored at the LFC Community Graduation on May 8, 2024.
Recommendation Criteria:
This listing provides further detail about the criteria used by the Alumni Committee in making their selection for the Alumni of the Year.  It should be used as a guideline for explaining a nominee’s qualifications for the award. 

Community Services – “The scope and breadth of service nominee has provided, the impact of their actions on the community, and involvement in a variety of service initiatives.”

·         Position/Role
·         Role Model/Mentoring
·         Recognition & Awards
·         Influence/Impact on Community
·         Fundraising/Giving                                                       

Professional Service – “Career movement and development, professional recognition, professional accomplishments, and significant contributions to nominee’s profession.”

·         Leadership Role/Position
·         Longevity of Position
·         Professional Affiliations
·         Promotions

List of former winners available here
List of alumni by graduating year available here

Question Title

* Name of Nominee, LFC Graduation Year (if known)

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* Name of Recommender, Relationship to Nominee

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* Employer of Nominee

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* Email and phone number of Recommender

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* After reading the criteria for this award, please describe in a short paragraph the reasons you believe the individual should be the 2023 LFC Alumni of the Year.

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* For more information about LFC Alumni of the Year Award, LFC Alumni activities, or to volunteer with our program, please use the box below or contact Ginny Harriger at gharriger@chambersburg.org