Bow River Bruins Hockey - April 2020 End of Season Coach Survey

Please take the time to fill out this post-season evaluation. The majority of the questions refer to the coach and manager of your child’s team; however, there are also some questions about the BRBHA administrator, the BRBHA website and a chance for you to provide the BRBHA Board with feedback. Please provide comments where applicable.

The information you provide is crucial in helping make BRBHA the most progressive Hockey Association in Alberta.  Please remember that our coaches give up countless hours to coach your child.  Our coaches are always looking for feedback on what they could do better, but please ensure the feedback is constructive and that it provides strategies for improvement after listing the item you feel requires improvement.  Personal attacks make our volunteers think twice about stepping up in future years. Without volunteer coaches, managers and the officials, we wouldn’t have a game!

Please note that we require contact information for anyone who completes the survey.  We only want hockey related feedback and if there are issues we want the ability to follow up with the families who have concerns.  All data collected will stay confidential; it will be seen by the 1st VP (Kealy Lambert), the President (Craig Kipkie), Secretary (Konni Blais) and Community Officer John Quinn who may follow-up with you to discuss your feedback (please note that none of these individuals will have access to the data that affects teams they coach).  The coaching staff will not be shown who provided what feedback. 

Once the information has been collected, summary information will be provided to the respective head coaches to be shared with their staff.
The deadline to take part in the post-season evaluation is Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020.
If you have any questions and/or concerns regarding this evaluation please do not hesitate to contact:

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