We are excited to continue the 20,000 Homes Campaign over 2018-2020 under the refocused aim to “end chronic homelessness in 20 communities and house 20,000 of Canada’s most vulnerable homeless people by July 1, 2020”.
Given the new aim, we are asking all communities (both existing and new) to confirm their interest in participating in the Campaign over 2018-2020 through completing this survey by February 28, 2018.    The survey has ten brief questions and should take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

This survey is not a contract but rather an expression of interest to participate together in the elements of the Campaign as identified below.  You will need to decide what level of buy-in your community needs to complete the survey and participate for 2018-2020 (e.g., for some communities it may simply be an administrative or committee confirmation, in others it may involve your Director, Board, or Council). 

If you have questions or want further information, see the website at www.20KHomes.ca or contact Marie Morrison at marie@caeh.ca.

* 1. What community are you from?

* 2. Who is completing the survey?

* 3. None of us knows exactly what it will take to end chronic homelessness in 20 communities across Canada by July 1, 2020.  We seek to create a group of skilled solution-oriented problem-solvers who are interested in working together on this challenge.  To be successful, this approach requires certain mindsets. 

 Are you committed to the Campaign’s five key interrelated mindsets?
(Check all)

* 4. For the purposes of this campaign, we have adopted a functional end to chronic homelessness measure defined generally as three or less people experiencing chronic homelessness sustained for at least three consecutive months (for further details, see the 20KHomes Functional Zero Chronic Q&A). 

Are you committed to this shared definition of a functional end to chronic homelessness for the purposes of the 20,000 Homes Campaign?

* 5. While the aim of the 20KHomes Campaign is to end chronic homelessness in 20 communities by July 1, 2020, no one knows at this point who will get there or how long it will take.  We are asking for your commitment to work on ending chronic homelessness in your community as quickly as you possibly can.  Maybe 20 communities won’t get there by July 1, 2020, but we believe it’s urgent and important enough to take up the challenge together and try!

Are you committed to doing everything in your power to work towards functional zero on chronic homelessness in your community as quickly as possible?

* 6. The 20,000 Homes Campaign includes key activities and milestones that are believed to support communities to get to functional zero on chronic homelessness.  There are five key activities outlined below (that may look different in larger versus small communities or in urban, rural, northern).

Are you committed to work on the following five key activities to remain an active participant in the Campaign? (Check All)

* 7. We know you can do it and we are here to help! We will continue to offer coaching, tools, and training (e.g., website, webinars, newsletters, conferences, 1:1 support, training).  Even more importantly, every community has something they can teach other communities and things they can learn from others. Rather than working in relative isolation, the Campaign will provide multiple avenues for sharing best practices and developing innovative solutions together. 

Do you commit to learning with others, utilizing supports and resources, and sharing your skills, knowledge and input?

* 8. Do you agree to participate in the 20,000 Homes Campaign and have your community listed as participating on the Campaign website?

* 9. Who will serve as your community’s lead Campaign contact?

* 10. Who will serve as your community’s lead Data contact?