General Application Information

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WELCOME to the LEx Leader Unified Application for 2020-2021


This application should not take you more than 15 - 20 minutes to complete fully. If you would like to preview the LEx Leader Application and see what questions are being asked in each section, please follow this link: LEx Leaders Website.

You will only be able to send in one response from the same device and browser, so make sure all positions you are applying for are included in your application. However, you will be able to continue editing your response even after you submit your application, so if you are applying for multiple deadlines you will be able to go back and add another position later on. Please make sure you use the same browser to continue editing your response, and make sure you "enable cookies" in Settings so that your information is saved. 

However, we still recommend saving your answers in a Word or Google document in case they are lost or you have to continue the application from another device. Please email with any questions.