Please fill out this one page survey and LEO will show you how we can use brain science to address your organizational needs.
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* 1. Consider the following statements and please indicate your level agreement to the best of your ability and knowledge. A 1 indicates that you strongly disagree, and a 5 means you strongly agree. As an organization, we are concerned about:

  1 2 3 4 5
Employee ability to accomplish their daily goals
Organization-wide problem-solving
Willingness to seek feedback
Employee recognition
Healthy Culture
Growth and learning mindset
Effective team meetings
Workplace happiness
High turnover
High absenteeism
Low motivation and/or productivity
Change resistance
Difficulty meeting goals
Adapting to marketplace change
Belief in products and/or services
Goal alignment between employees and the organization
Performance management

Question Title

* 2. If interested in more detailed information about the LEO program, or would like to understand how brain science can be applied to your organizational concern, please provide us your email address below. A LEO representative will reach out to you soon.

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