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LEAD-IT (Leadership, Empowerment, Apprenticeship, and Diversity in Information Technology) is a collaboration between North Carolina A&T University and a Community of Leaders: SHARE, IBM, MCEC, IT-oLOGY, ViT, and Indiana University. The LEAD-IT team is working to develop a registered mainframe apprenticeship program to increase participation in the field by underrepresented minorities and women.

The purpose of this survey is to determine the various skills, knowledge, and expertise required in a candidate for various IT mainframe positions. LEAD-IT is looking for your help in outlining these roles and determining the competencies which would be required for a certified apprenticeship program to produce qualified candidates for professional advancement. You may complete the survey as many times as needed for any job roles in your area of expertise. Please included as many details as possible.

* 1. Please provide your contact information if you are interested in being contacted for additional contributions to this program.

* 2. Please provide your professional title/role.

* 3. Please estimate how many people are in your mainframe organization.