All responses will remain anonymous, but we require firm name for categorization purposes (eg AmLaw 100/200/NLJ350/Other) and your name so we have a contact in case there are questions. As you will see, we are not collecting headcount, revenue or HQ location, so results can really remain anonymous.

* 1. Your Name:

* 2. Your Firm Name:

* 3. Does your firm have a dedicated Client Service Group (ie at least one full-time employee whose duties are not split between Client Service and Marketing or Business Development)?

* 4. Does your firm have a senior administrative/staff person responsible for Client Service?

* 5. Does your firm conduct Client Service/Client Feedback interviews using internal resources (eg Client Service Director, Managing Partner, CMO/CBDO)?

* 6. Do you currently or have you previously used an external vendor to conduct client feedback interview?

* 7. Approximate # of feedback interviews per year that your firm conducts with either internal and/or external resources.

* 8. Does your firm use Client Teams (teams focused on specific clients, not industry teams)?

* 9. Does your firm have a Client Service Budget separate from the Marketing/BD Budget?