On August 24, 2010, the California Bureau of State Audits (BSA) released a 87-page report on the regional center system read the 6-page summary here. They visited and reviewed six regional centers (RCs) beginning in the fall of 2009. The BSA report documented numerous problems and raised serious questions about the need for greater oversight by the Department of Developmental Services and greater transparency in RC business practices. While the narrow scope of this audit did not specifically address consumer and family issues, many parents have expressed their feelings about the report over the last two months.

This survey is designed to help us quantify some of this response, even though we realize it is not scientific. Based on numerous meetings and conversations with parents and family members in recent months, we have included as part of this survey, a list of questions that auditors might ask if they were attempting to assess the need for changes as the RCs execute their important mission of overseeing the scope of, and access to, services and supports for over 240,000 consumers and their families statewide. Some of these questions ask about your family member’s contract with the state – the Individual Program Plan (IPP).

While this survey is primarily for parents, family members and friends of people with developmental disabilities, we encourage anyone interested in the California service system to participate.

We hope to receive many responses in the coming weeks so we can share this data with important legislators who are tasked with passing laws that affect our loved ones’ future. Please help us by spreading the word and providing other family members and friends with a link to this survey.

The survey refers to regional centers (plural) and we realize that you may only have experiences with one. We want you to answer these questions as they relate to the RC that is familiar to you. We invite your comments but please do not provide any personal information that would reveal your identity as this is an anonymous survey. It takes about 5 minutes if you choose not to comment on your answers.

Thanks so much for your help and find us online at www.KTLP.org. KTLP stands for Keeping the Lanterman Promise.