A Survey

Our next short course aims to explore faith questions that emerge from the lives of lay people.

Hence we want to target the most common or significant questions that lay people want (or need) answered.

These may be overtly faith based questions (Why does God…?) or questions that emerge from lived experience (Why do bad things happen to good people?)

This brief questionnaire aims to collect information to help us decide which questions we will explore in the short course.

Question Title

* 1. Which questions do you often hear from lay people? (Tick all you've heard)

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* 2. In what contexts do you hear these questions? (Tick all that apply)

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* 3. Which questions do you think are most significant for lay people? i.e. which questions do you think lay people should explore, whether they’re asking them or not? (Tick your top 8)

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* 4. What other questions should we explore in this video short course?

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* 5. Who are you?

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