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Please complete this application form to apply for a role of tutor/coach at HSC CoWorks.

To be successful you will;
  • Be bright, friendly and energetic with excellent attention to detail
  • Have received an ATAR of 95+
  • Be dedicated to developing the future of HSC students
  • Be willing to work approximately 13 hours per week
  • Feel strongly about our Core Values

* 1. Full name

* 2. Street address

* 3. Email address

* 4. Mobile number

* 5. ATAR achieved?

* 6. What school did you attend and year graduated?

* 7. HSC Subjects and your final mark

* 8. What University are you attending / intending to study at and what course? If you are on a GAP year please write "GAP YEAR".

* 9. At HSC CoWorks, everything we do, we aim to create a WOW moment! To WOW you must differentiate yourself which means doing something a little unconventional and innovative, you must do something that is above and beyond expectations! Whatever you do, you must have a positive emotional impact on the receiver.

Describe a time you created a “WOW” moment for someone? 

* 10. At HSC CoWorks we aim to foster curiosity and re-ignite passion for learning. In order to do this, we must all be infectiously curious!

What is something you are curious about?

* 11. Specifically, how did you Stretch & Challenge yourself in your HSC Year?

* 12. Have you ever held a part time/casual job? If yes please provide some detail.

* 13. Please advise your availabilities below (we require a commitment of minimum 2 shifts per week).