1. Johnston Chamber Membership Survey

The Johnston Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors is making plans for 2018. We want to hear from our members about the programs and activities you'd like to see next year. What are we doing well, and where can we improve? This is your Chamber! Let us know what you think!

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* 1. Our mission is to promote the economic success of our members and to support the development of the Johnston Community.

Please share your perspective. What are we doing well, and where is there need for improvement?

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* 2. Monthly luncheons, workshops, lunch and learns are planned throughout the year. We want to know what topics would be of greatest benefit or interest to you and your business.

If a program were to be scheduled on one of the following topics, which one(s) would you most likely attend? (You may select more than one response.)

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* 3. We hope to get more people involved in the Chamber. If a business is a member of the Chamber - then all employees of the business are Chamber members.

What should we do to help increase participation in Chamber activities and events?

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* 4. Think about why you joined the Johnston Chamber of Commerce. We know it represents an investment of precious resources, and you expect a return on that investment either directly or in other ways.

What value or benefit do you most want to receive from being a Chamber member?