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Halifax Congregational Church Open and Affirming Survey

In November of 2021, the Open and Affirming (ONA) Task Force at the Halifax Congregational Church was created. The task force has taken on the responsibility of researching the ONA process, educating the congregation on what it means to earn this designation from the UCC, and holding a congregational vote on whether this designation is right for our community. Below, you will find the mission statement for the task force, as well as our vision statement.

Definition of the Opening and Affirming (ONA) Process:
The Open and Affirming (ONA) designation from the United Church of Christ is one which takes seriously the admonition "to accept one another, just as Christ accepted you to praise God"(Romans 15: 7, NIV). In pursuit of that admonition, ONA churches engage in a time of study, dialogue and prayer on affirming LGBTQ seekers of the faith. During our service on January 30, 2022 the sermon time will be devoted to explaining the ONA designation and provide opportunity for questions and discussion. A vote on the adoption of an Open and Affirming Covenant will be taken at the Annual Meeting to be held on February 13 after the church service. If so deemed, these churches hold a congregational vote upon the adoption of an Open and Affirming Covenant.

Mission Statement of the Halifax Congregational Church ONA Task Force:

Building upon the mission statement of the Halifax Congregational Church and drawing upon its vision statement to be Open and Welcoming, the ONA Task Force invites the congregation to engage in a time of personal and communal education and growth to discern what the Open and Affirming Covenant from the UCC church means and, if agreed to by the congregation through a passing vote, to seek such a designation for the Halifax Congregational Church.

The task force proposes that the following be added to the Mission and Covenant Statement of the Halifax Congregational Church.

“Following the teachings of Jesus Christ we believe all people are the children of God and therefore declare ourselves to be an Open and Affirming congregation and welcome all into the life of our church regardless of but not limited to their gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, economic status, physical and mental ability, marital status, or age.

 The following survey is intended to gauge our community's understanding of the ONA process.   If you cannot attend the service on January 30 or would like more information, please contact a member of the ONA Task Force (Sally Baker, Janice Campbell, Brooke Corby, Bob Kniffen, Sue Vogt, Pastor Wildman)

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* 3. How likely are you to support the Halifax Congregational Church becoming Open and Affirming?

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* 4. How interested are you in learning about the Halifax Congregational Church becomming Open and Affirming?

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