St. Louis City Mayoral Forum Survey

On Wednesday, February 22, ten community organizations will join together to host a mayoral forum featuring candidates running for St. Louis mayor. Through this forum, we plan to shine a light on the issues that are crucial to a unified and thriving St. Louis community.
We want your input. By taking our 5-10 minute survey, you can help decide which questions will be asked at the forum. Each question addresses the critical issues in our community that are outlined in the Forward Through Ferguson report:
  • Justice for All - police, court, & public safety
  • Youth at the Center - education & healthy environments
  • Opportunity to Thrive - transportation, neighborhoods, & economic and workforce development

The issues in this survey were determined based on the future mayor's ability to take action on them. This survey is anonymous — responses will not be tied to individuals and will only be reported at an aggregated level.

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