The Alcohol and Other Drug Consumer & Community Coalition, or 'AOD triple C', was incorporated on the 28th July 2018 in response to overwhelming support for an alcohol and other drug specific consumer advocacy body. The purpose of our association is to promote the interests, education and welfare of those affected by alcohol and other drug use. We offer membership to people who use or who have used alcohol and other drugs, their families and significant others in recognition that drug related harm does not occur in isolation and that healing involves the whole of our community.

To become a member (full voting rights) you are required agree to our purpose stated above, be over 18 and provide a name and point of contact such as an email address. If you are between 15 to 18 years of age or would like to participate as a representative from an organisation you can apply for an associate membership which allows you to contribute but does not allow you to vote. This is to ensure the group upholds consumer leadership and focus.

We have recently received funding from the Mental Health Commission in order to progress our establishment as an AOD consumer peak and we are currently developing our mission, vision and values and strategic plan. More information on our history and current activities can be found on the Health Consumers’ Council website, an article was published on us in December last year and a link to membership can be found on our Facebook page.
We invite you to become a part of something unique and important, there is no fee for membership. Applications can be made via this survey online or can be printed from a link at the Health Consumers' Council website, handed to a committee member or sent to the AODCCC at GPO Box 134, Perth WA 6000. All applications will be processed by the committee as soon as possible.

Questions and enquiries can be forwarded to

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1. Do you agree to the purpose of our association?
"To promote the interests, education and welfare of those affected by alcohol and other drug use."

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2. Are you applying for full membership or associate membership?

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3. Personal details

Thank you for expressing your interest in being a part of our association. We look forward to confirming your membership. Any further enquiries can be directed to the AODCCC committee via our email: