Join #OurBlackCollective

To successfully further our mission and actualize our vision, we must foster the growth of a network of Black professional mentors and a diverse and passionate community of fundraising volunteers.

Mentor Profile: Black professionals who are committed to mentoring Black college students and recent graduates in need of lifelong support as they build personal, generational and communal wealth through intentional financial planning and business ownership. Mentor as often as you would like, how you would like (e.g., do an annual talk, provide quarterly business concept feedback to a limited amount of beneficiaries or participate in ongoing one-on-ones).

Fundraiser Profile: Corporate and community leaders who are passionate about bridging the Black-led nonprofit funding gap through peer-to-peer fundraising and corporate and private funder advocacy. There are many ways you can fundraise, from hosting a biannual fundraiser on our behalf with your professional network to selling annual fundraiser tickets. The choice is entirely yours!
If you resonate with one or both of these profiles and your values align with this call to action, let us know your preferences by submitting this form and joining our Black collective today!