1. Review and Consultation

100% of survey complete.

* 1. What is the one service we offer, that is most beneficial to you? Services include: advice line for members; casework and representation service; legal support which provides representation at social security and employment tribunals; advisor accredited and other training courses; publications; practitioner meetings; and policy work.

* 2. How do you rate our Membership Scheme and why?

  Excellent Good Average Poor Terrible
Membership Scheme

* 3. Is there something that we could offer you, that we currently don’t, which would enhance our support to you?

* 4. Within our lobbying abilities, what issues should we be taking forward on your behalf?

* 5. What is the public perception of the Law Centre and how could we enhance it?

* 6. What is the public perception of the law profession generally and what could the Law Centre do to maintain and enhance it?

* 7. What can we do differently that would enhance our support to you?

* 8. How could we support you to grow your ‘business’?

* 9. If you had only ONE comment about the Law Centre, what is it and why?