We would like to honor our past by learning about your memories. We plan to share 120 of these memories on our website in 2014.

We are hoping you will share your thoughts with us on any or all of the following questions or submit your own special memory beyond the listed questions. Please feel free to give as many details as you would like.

If possible, please e-mail a photo of yourself or something that represents Lakeview during the time you attended. You may send photos to lakeview@lakeviewcol.edu (please send as full size jpg files).

* 1. Biographical Information

* 2. Why did you choose to attend Lakeview?

* 3. Who was your favorite instructor while attending Lakeview?

* 4. Why was this person your favorite instructor?

* 5. Please describe your typical weekly schedule while attending Lakeview.

* 6. What was the most important thing you learned while attending Lakeview?

* 7. How many students were in most of your Lakeview courses?

* 8. About how many students were in your Lakeview graduating class?

* 9. Where did you live while you were enrolled at Lakeview?

* 10. How would you describe the living arrangements/facility?

* 11. How many years did it take you to complete the standard nursing curriculum at Lakeview?

* 12. What was some of the preliminary coursework required prior to admission?

* 13. What was your favorite Lakeview lab experience?

* 14. How would you describe your first clinical experience?

* 15. What were some of the sites you used for clinicals?

* 16. Where was Lakeview located when you attended?

* 17. Where did you take the nursing licensure exam and how was that experience?

* 18. About how many months after graduation did you take the licensure exam?

* 19. What is the best advise you could give to students currently enrolled in Lakeview's nursing program?