Tena Koe. This is a simple survey concerning buying and selling of art. By filling it out you can enter the draw to win a signed poster!!!!

* How often do you buy art?

* What kinds of art stuff do you prefer to buy?

* What is your favourite moment on www.aotearoa666.com? (You might actually have to look at my website to answer this one)



* Which image do you prefer?

* If you would like to win a SIGNED poster of one of the above images, please send me your contact information. I promise not to use it for data mining, or selling to other companies or any of those sorts of things.

* If you would like to be notified of upcoming events by Aotearoa 666 Ltd, please fill in your email address here :)

That's it! Thank you for filling out this survey - winners will be posted on www.aotearoa666.com on June 1st 2011.

Mauri Ora.